Pretty {Pretty Amazing} Pictures



These two photos, by Jeremy Lawson, placed first and second in the Engagement Portrait category in the The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association's Q4 2007 contest.

This is what the judges said about these photos, "Freakin' awesome. 1st and 2nd place are meant to work together and we just love these images. We’re trying to figure out how they were done. Whoever shot them, drop us a line - inquiring minds want to know! Also, sweet dress!"

Check the [AG]WPJA's site for more.

And! Yay! My friend, and fantastic photographer, Jessamyn Harris placed in the Getting Ready category with this photo.


Yay Jess!


Robyn said...

SO GREAT! I was thinking the exact same thing as the judge's comment..."How'd they do that?!". Who cares...the end result is waaay cool and FUN!

Jessamyn Harris said...

hey, thanks! I just clicked on the post and was like, "OHHH how I love those photos!", and was pleasantly surprised to see my photo there too. I'm actually in the process of uploading my latest AGWPJA entries right now (fingers crossed).
And, I agree, that dress is TOTALLY sweet. And the shots are fun and beautifully executed.

Sara Christine said...

What fun photos! The most non-traditional and best engagement photos I've seen!

Lara@ Southern Wedding Style Magazine said...

These are amazing! Great post!

Sparkliatti said...

I am im love with the photo, but I want to own her dress!