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I love paper. My whole life I’ve loved paper. My first memory of this paper passion are the books of paper dolls my mom bought me when I was little; I’d race to my room with my treasured gift, punch them out of the book and dress them in their paper clothes. But that wasn’t quite enough; I’d have to make more clothes out of more paper. I remember the huge stacks of primary coloured construction paper from Kindergarten. Loved those. Now I love scrapbook paper, the choices the colours the themes. I love art papers and mulberry, vellum and letterpress and wrapping paper and even wallpaper.

Of course, the paper I love most now is wedding stationary. Save the dates, invitations, RSVPs, thank you cards, place cards, escort cards. I love it all. So when I received an email from Holly Hatam, Owner and Creative Director of
TearDrop Weddings, to let me know that she’s launched her 2008 collection of whimsical, magical, and unique invitations, along with a lovely new website I was beside myself and completely thrilled.

A person with the talent that Holly has completely spins me. Her designs are so fresh and sweet and special and sassy. I can tell how much she loves her work. You know how I can tell? Because she told me so…

Blush :: Tell us about you
Holly :: Well, I live in Toronto with my boyfriend Stephen and our two cats Charlie and Julian. We are both graphic designers, that is how we met, in school.


Blush :: What did you do before Teardrop?
Holly :: Before I started TearDrop I worked at two design firms. I didn't enjoy the job very much. I found that I wasn't able to be as creative as I wanted to be, and the atmosphere at a firm just wasn't for me. I first started designing greeting cards; that is how my little characters were born. However, I started doing them in watercolours and they eventually evolved into digital illustrations. One of my friends actually fell in love with one of the card illustrations and claimed that she wanted to use that as her wedding invitation (she wasn't even engaged yet!) About 5 months later she did get engaged and we did use that illustration for her invites! And that is how TearDrop was born!


Blush :: What were your main challenges?
Holly :: My main challenge of starting a business was trying to get my name out there and also, no one else in the business quite has anything like my designs. Brides and Grooms seem to believe that their invitations have to be traditional, embellished with ribbon and crystals, because that is all they have seen. I believe your invitation should make a statement about you individually and as a couple. This is the first glimpse your guests get of your big day, so you should have fun with your invitation. Many people keep the invitations as keepsakes, so I believe every design should be a little piece of art that you can keep forever.

Blush :: Why did you name the company Teardrop Weddings?
Holly :: I named the company TearDrop because whenever I received a greeting card or wedding invitation, I cry happy tears, and that is where the name came from. I want people to "spread the tears"


Blush :: Your invitations vary from utmost whimsy to classically elegant, besides gleaning inspiration from the bride and groom, where do you find your inspirations?
Holly :: I find my inspiration from a lot of things. From an interesting colour, a quote, a song or just my own life in general.

Blush :: The couple you feature in the “Touch of Whimsy” collection is so sweet – are they a likeness of someone you know?
Holly :: Actually, the two characters that are done in gold, with the boy waving, that is based on us two. I drew the illustration of myself, and Stephen drew himself. As an anniversary card he had taken the illustration I had done of myself and combined it with the illo of him and made me sweetiest card. It sits on my desk so I can be inspired by it everyday!


Blush :: Do you have a favourite collection?
Holly :: My favourite collection is the Whimsical line. I love designs that are utterly and totally different. Designs that are funny and playful. Designs that represent the couple. If I received an invitation like that, I would be quite excited to attend the wedding!

Blush :: A favourite invitation?
Holly :: My favourite invitation is a harder choice! I would have to say the Holly and Stephen invitation because it is based on my boyfriend and I!


Blush :: Do you have the intention to expand Teardrop to more than wedding stationary? To include personal stationary, baby announcements etc.?
Holly :: I actually did design baby announcements, personal stationery etc, but I just found that I wanted to focus all my energies on weddings. I love everything and anything about weddings! Being in this industry is a perfect excuse to go out and buy all the wedding magazines I can! I have to confess...I'm an addict!

When you aren’t designing what do you love to do? :: I love to paint and do anything artsy. I love being outdoors hiking, biking and I'm an avid Yogi! I love to read and to write, and I'm currently writing and illustrating my own children's book.
What is your greatest indulgence? :: hmmmm...I would have to say books! Amazon is one of my favourite websites! I am constantly on there adding a new book to my wishlist. The most exciting thing to me is checking my mail for the delivery of a new book!
Your favourite place to shop? :: Loomis and Toles, an art store! I could spend hours in there admiring the beautiful paper!
Your life in three words? :: Passion, Ambition and Love
Your favourite word? :: Frolic!
Your favourite gift? :: Was from my boyfriend for our 6 month anniversary. He had made me a tape of him singing and playing the guitar. It was the utmost sweetiest gift I have ever received. And now we've been together for 6 and half years :)


Blush :: What are you excited about right now?
Holly :: Right now I'm excited about going to New York to exhibit at the Wedding Salon Show in October, I'm quite giddy about it!

Visit Holly's website at Teardrop Weddings or her new blog.

Thanks Holly, so much.


Kathryn said...

I love this stuff - thank you so much for sharing it!

Robyn said...

Ooooh, from one paper lover to another, thank you so much for sharing this company! Such great stuff. Aren't smart, creative people just so inspiring? LOVE IT!
Happy weekend!

Sara Christine said...

What ridiculously cute invites! So personal and unique. What amazing talent! Thank you for sharing.