His + Her's Couple's Calendar

Who isn’t busy? Raise your hand. Anyone? Anyone? Hmmm. No one. Not surprising.

It seems that everyone has so much going on lately; always on the move, always on the run. Some of the time, you’re running in the same direction as your spouse / partner / significant other / fiancé(é) and sometimes you’re slingshotting in separate directions, only to meet up again for another engagement.

When I came across this calendar it was with a sigh of relief, now SexyHusband and I can keep track of each other’s whereabouts without the Blackberries and iTouches. It's a well organized tool to handle two hectic schdules. One row is for her schedule, one for his, and the middle one for common activities and plans.

Wouldn’t this make a great gift for someone recently engaged or planning their wedding?


Barnes and Noble


Melissa DiStefano said...

Oh that is too fun! I think I am going to get one right now for a friend and maybe I'll give it to all my clients???

What a great find Lisa!!!

ZenadiaDesign said...

This is so awsome!! I think I want one!

antony said...

Very original. Great corporate gift too - superb find!