Bride and Bloom

If you haven’t already you should find a copy of Bride and Bloom. It is an absolutely beautiful magazine that will fill you with ideas and revelations to make your wedding day extraordinary. One favourite feature is the “new colour pairings” where they parallel photos of a certain theme, such as candy pink {this month} with items of the same hues that would suit that palette for your wedding – so, so pretty! As the magazine title suggests, the essence of the glossy pages is found through floral design; they present stunning bouquets and centerpieces, table displays and more. My favourite feature of this particular mag is the boutonnière pages, the inspiration is unequalled ::









While I've been loving the magazine for quite some time now I've been waiting patiently for their website to launch - and, I'm happy to report that it has! Go have a look at http://www.thebrideandbloom.com/.


Kristy@RiceInk said...

I also adore this magazine. They have a very artistic edge and really support new ideas!

Morgan said...

Ever since you told me about this magazine I have been buying it! It is fab!

Mirella said...

I've been waiting forever for the website to relaunch!
Thanks for the post! Love your blog by the way!

An Atlanta Bride said...

what a gorgeous showcase of boutonnières!

Anne said...

What a rich display of boutonnieres. No need to limit the possibilities for the guys. Thanks.

Dawn said...

Great ideas for boutonnieres! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

This is so helpful- thanks for posting!