My New Bike!

I just had to share, I'm so excited. SexyHusband had Friday off and went shopping, he called me and said, "I found you the perfect bike, it's for Lisa, you have to see this bike."

I didn't know what he meant until I saw it. Why is it perfect? Because she's pink! And her name is Four Lisa!! Can you believe it? Isn't she pretty? Now she's mine.


I couldn't wait for a road test so we took the bikes to the grocery store yesterday, through the snow (-8º C / 18º F). We froze, I thought my lungs were going to collapse, but it was worth it.

SexyHusband, I love you!


aletha @ pearls events said...

Totally sweet bike! And perfect for YOU!

Sarah said...

Loving the bike! Thanks for the link - all of your DIY on wedding bells was truly beautiful and an inspiration. Keep up the great blog! :)

Big Shot said...

Anything pink gets my vote. I just ordered a pink carry-on for the honeymoon.