Sunday Pic :: Shoe Shot

Happy New Year to everyone! So sorry I've neglected the blog, and thank you to everyone that has continued to visit.

I thought I'd ease back in to blogging today, with a nice simple picture. Susan Stripling is a wonderful photographer and I always find time to visit her blog, and I'm never disappointed by what I find. If anything, I'm enthralled and inspired. If at all possible, she just gets better and better at what she does.

This photo is an example of her ingenious eye... how many shoe shots have we seen? Hundreds... But I've never seen one quite like this.


So, so pretty.

Visit Susan's new blogsite here!


Bonnie Tsang said...

wow, beautiful work! I can learn a lot from her!

Brittany Tickled Pink said...

These Sunday pics are the cutest idea! Thanks for your inspiring daily posts. I've nominated you for a blogger award for all that you do. Check www.tickledpinkbrides.com for more!

hannah said...

Gorgeous shot! I love a beautiful shoe picture. I think it adds such a lovely quirk and personal element to the formal shots.

Adrienne said...

That shoe shot is amazing!!!

The Pssed Off Bride said...

Love the shoe!!!