Real Wedding :: Hope + Adam

I loved our wedding. If I could go back I wouldn't change a thing. But! If I could have another wedding,... or weddings... {same groom of course!} one of them would have to be inspired by this glorious, rustic, intimate, affair.

An outdoor ceremony in the woods, harvest colours, chandeliers in the trees, a campfire, and the bridesmaids in boots!


This wedding was shot by my new friend Matthew Morgan, a super talented photographer from Orange County, California. I came across his blog recently and thought the world of his work and he was gracious enough to share these photos with us.

Stay tuned for some more photos from this adorable wedding.


K. said...

I've seen this wedding featured numerous times. I mean helllooo! it's that freaking great! :)

Tarah Ashlea said...

I came across you pictures of your bridesmaids and love what they wore. My colors are the same as yours and I wanted my girls to wear cowboys boots with dresses. Where did you find those dresses? I am sure they don't have them now, but they are wonderful:) If you could email me at satomi_80@hotmail.com about the dresses, I would greatly appreciate it!

Emmanuel@Outdoor Weddings said...

The theme and the venue is really amazing. It took my breath away. Very nice photos too. :D