Cute Packaging

I love the idea of DIY anything and this packaging from Finch & Hawk Paper Goods found on Etsy is fab.



Cake Toppers:: Paper Sculpture by Concarta

I said I would blog what I love, and I would blog pretty. This incredible artist made for an easy choice.

I’ve been having a love affair with paper for as long as I can remember. When I was a girl you could give me a block of construction paper and some scissors and you wouldn’t see me for days. As an adult I love to scrapbook and make cards and I fashion myself a pretty paper connoisseur.

The creator behind these sculptures is, very simply, a genius; please enjoy these custom cake toppers by Concarta.

Custom work {and my favourite!}::

This was created for a 65th wedding anniversary::

Details {I adore the back of the brides' hair!}::


And bouquets of course!::

I know you want more, visit the Concarta Blog.



It’s been a long time.


You know that point in a friendship where you feel like it’s been so long since you spoke to a friend that it just might be too late to reconnect? You’re afraid to pick up the phone for fear that you’ll be rejected? Or berated? Or scolded, or criticized or told off?

I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed her terribly actually. I don’t really want to get into all of the reasons why I went astray. Let’s just say that I felt it necessary to take pause.

And now, just like I was hoping, my desire to blog has returned. I can’t say I’ll be around all the time. I can’t say if the passion will return. I can’t say if things will change or stay the same. I can’t say what is going to happen.

I can say that I will blog for me. I can say that I will try to revive the motivation that led me to launch this blog in the first place. I can say that I’ll blog about pretty things and things that make me happy.

So… hi. Hi to my blog. Hi to anyone that still visits this blog.

And thank you.