Happy to be Here

About three years ago I set a reminder in my phone, "Happiness is a Choice", at the time I really needed the bolster, I needed help every morning to point my day in the right direction.  Sometimes that little 'boop' from my iPhone meant, 'hey! take a big breath and face the day with positivity and strength'. It also meant, 'please try not to cry today', and sometimes it meant, 'will you please get your head out of your ass?'.

It is now several years later and I have found happiness again*.  "Complete and total happiness" I recently said to a friend.  But then I thought, can happiness actually be 'complete'?

I still have an iPhone and I've just updated the software to the most recent nine point something point something and the reminders look different now. Some software genius at Apple has changed the look so now when my phone reminds me that happiness is indeed a choice the two options to dismiss them from the screen are, 'Mark as Completed' or 'Later'.  

I don't choose 'Mark as Completed' because I don't want to send the reminder into oblivion.  I still want that smack on my ass every morning.  The 'you go girl!'  I want the reminder of how far I've come and the reminder to cherish what I have found.

To answer my own question above, the answer is a big fat, "No way!  My happiness is not completed!"

So, off I go to recognize my happy.  And find more ways to be happy.  And I'll share it here.  Because that makes me happy.  Could I have said happy one more time?  {eyeroll}



*details to follow...

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